Friday, 2 September 2016

It's Friday I'm in Love #1

Hello! Two more days to go of the holidays fellow teachers (lol just kidding, I'm back today for teacher training!) - oh my goodness! Where did the summer go? 

Alongside this educational blog, I also write a blog called The Wildflower where I document general life, travel, beauty etc. I've started up again a feature called It's Friday I'm in Love ... sourced from my love of The Cure & Fridays where I share links I love, stories, posts and general postings from the world wide web and I figured that this could work over on this blog as I often read loads of posts, tweets, articles and Instagram's that I love, so here is my way of documenting this love. I'm not sure how often I'll post like this; initially years ago I wanted to blog this post weekly but teacher life often leaves me forgetting posts like this, so I'll see how often in the next few months/ maybe this could be a new newsletter idea! Oh & if there is something you have loved, and want to send it over to be featured here/ have a general natter tweet me over at @wildflowerhq or e-mail

Across the Web; 
 'Gotta teach 'em all' ; this article on TES about using Pokemon Go in class is spot on to engaging pupils. I follow a few teacher groups on Facebook, and I've screen-shotted some fantastic displays focusing on Pokemon. I'm planning on making a shapes themed resource for my class, for the outdoor area; as soon as I know my class like Pokemon, I'll be going with this craze - plus I do quite like playing one of my childhood favourite games!

♥ Another TES article that I loved was the 100 Fiction Books All Children Should Read Before Leaving Primary School - I was especially pleased that The Day the Crayons Quit, Beegu & We're Going on a Bear Hunt made the cut, alongside many Roald Dahl & Jacqueline Wilson favourites, but was a bit disheartened to not see any of the Harry Potter series, especially as when I was in Year 5/6 we read Harry Potter books, and I loved learning through those stories, and I read them independently in those year groups!

♥ If you love The Day the Crayons Quit - check out this amazing picture maker #everycrayoncounts.  - May have made a little something something to go at the bottom of this post!

♥ Are you Roald Dahl's Biggest Fan? I love the BFG tattoo photograph!

♥ I've followed the ICT with Mr P blog for ages, and have only just discovered his YoutubeIf Real Teachers Starred in Movies made me laugh... a lot... especially the bit about risk assessments!!

Back to School Loves;

♥ Sorting out my pencil case, and organising in new pens - I'm looking forward to marking in green for good and pink to think #noredpenshere 
♥ Back to school clothes shopping - I like picking a new outfit or ten for a new school year! What's not good is back to school shopping for children though - I don't have children but I did see an almighty queue coming out of the school wear shop in town yesterday!
♥ I'm actually looking forward to the routines again. I love the summer holidays, but my body and mind work way better being busy and having a daily routine!
♥ Looking up new resources on TES and Twinkl - and people actually downloading my resources off of TES (thank you if that is you, paid or free!)
♥ Just generally being back in the school environment again - a part of me can't wait to get back to it!

I'd love to know what you are loving at the moment whether it's blog posts, photos, memes ...anything! Let me know!


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