Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

After a huge success with The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb, next on my list was the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb - very Harry Potter - esque and gunmetal colour so two bonus points there. With orange and cinnamon there were perfect autumn scents in there for the beginning of October. I found this time round, the bath bomb didn't have the jelly effect as much as The Big Sleep, but the water was still glittery and the bath was still tres-relaxing! The cleaning products did have to be whipped out after this one though! I'm wondering if Lush are going to release a Christmas jelly bomb - hint hint! 

Monday, 9 October 2017

School Trip; The Local Church

Recently, myself and my current class went on a school trip to the local church, which conveniently is a stone's throw away from the school! Our objective was to learn about the local community, but this tied in with supporting religious education lessons too. Just from looking at the images I could think of multiple LOs including: 
  • Identify the features of a church 
  • Look at the church colours on the Christian calendar
  • Remembrance Day 
  • Christian celebrations
  • Art - stained glass windows
  • Art - patterns 
  • Literacy - write a recount
  • Literacy - write an information book
I feel like the list could be quite extensive dependant on year group and the time of year. When we arrived at the church our local church warden showed us around the church and taught the class lots of facts about the church and the local community. She also showed us different parts of the church, including the organ in small groups. It made me remember from some training I went on the most important part of RE, but I could argue this for most lessons is that you need to experience it - I learnt more from being inside a church than I did from folders of planning on Christianity and I lead RE for my school! 

The trip has certainly inspired me to look into other trips around the local community, and for other units in religious education, finding other religious buildings and people to see. 

I'd love to know of any trips you've enjoyed with your class over the years and any ideas for the year ahead! 


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Lush Monsters Ball

Monster's Ball - a Lush Halloween exclusive bath bomb that makes for marble bubbles and a glittery parma violet water beneath. I've been itching to try this bath bomb for ages and I finally caved and put an order in on Lush's website after being unable to find it in store! With lime & neroli oil, the bath was very citrusy - it was so relaxing too (especially with my Chelsea Candle Co candle - which has just spurred a new thought - when are Lush making candles for us all to binge buy?!) As soon as I'd finished the bath, I'd wished I'd bought another ten of this bath bomb - definitely one of the best ones I've ever used! 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Harvest at Kent Life

Harvest Festival is one of my favourite school celebrations - singing 'Cauliflowers Fluffy' and emptying the cupboards of all my old tins (goodbye Spam!) for the good of giving to others has a good feel tinge about it. I was browsing through, and trying to clear out the drafts, and came across these pictures of the Harvest session my last class had at Kent Life a whole year ago. Our workshop included being spoken to about all things Harvest and growing, and we took a big bag full of vegetables back to cook in school. Even though with my current class we aren't visiting Kent Life, we have already looked at the Christian Aid Global Gardeners resources, designed our own allotment plots and planted daffodils in our outdoor area ready for the Spring. The allotment designs were so much better than I anticipated and look fantastic in the books! How is your class / school celebrating Harvest? 
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